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The podcast industry is booming.

Over the last decade, American consumers who listen to podcasts grew from 25% in 2011 to 57% in 2021. It’s a multi-million dollar industry that is only expected to exponentially grow in the coming years. 

But what do podcasts have to do with your business? The short answer is everything.

Podcast listeners tune in to learn new things, for entertainment, to stay up-to-date, to relax, and for inspiration. The popularity of podcasts has skyrocketed, and it would be a missed opportunity for your brand to not hop onto the bandwagon. 

So, how exactly do podcasts help you grow your brand?

1. Avoiding traditional advertising

Most people hate advertisements. 65% of Americans skip video ads the first chance they get, and 47% use an ad blocker. Many social media users scroll past advertisements without giving them much thought. 

That’s the issue with in-your-face advertising. Social media is flooded with ads, so people are more likely to skip or scroll past your advertisement out of habit. 

Users see dozens of ads on social media daily. Your ad would somehow have to stick out enough to grab attention. 

Branded podcasts and sponsored episodes are great for organic marketing purposes. Podcast marketing allows you to advertise and subtly spread your message without sounding like you’re advertising.

2. Building a bigger, stronger community

According to a 2018 Nielson study, podcast listeners are more likely to follow companies and brands on social media compared to non-listeners. Podcast listeners are also more active on more social media platforms. 

If you start a podcast and gain listeners, you are likely to draw in those followers onto other platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok. People who follow and support you on different channels are loyal and likely to be long-term customers. 

Podcasts also allow you to reach broad and niche audiences, bringing in a wide range of listeners and potential customers. No matter how niche a topic is, you can almost always find a podcast with that topic. 

Community building is one of the most important factors in building a brand, and a podcast is a perfect way to do that.

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3. Teaching opportunities for your brand message

Podcasts are the perfect opportunity to showcase expertise in your industry. You can show customers that you are knowledgeable, likable, and trustworthy.

For example, if you own a skincare company, create a podcast about skincare. You can teach listeners about your products, particular ingredients, and overall educate your listeners.

When you do this, you become an educator, person of authority, and a trusted source. If you are passionate about your product and genuinely want to help people, they are more likely to purchase from you. 

This is also an opportunity to let your customers get to know you. Let your personality shine through and don’t be afraid to talk about your personal life. Being authentic with your listeners builds that trust bond that otherwise might not exist. They feel connected to you, your story, and what you’re going through. Essentially, be their friend.

Branded podcasts are perfect for sharing your knowledge through tips, guidance, industry secrets, and real-life stories.

4. Creating more space in the attention economy

80% of podcast listeners stay tuned in for most, if not all of the episode. This is a big contrast with traditional advertisements. Even the short ones.

With a podcast, you have your listener’s attention for longer than a few short moments. This is because podcast episodes are not designed to be advertisements. They have substance to them that catches people’s attention. 

Since the internet is full of ads, it can be tough to create an ad that stands out. A lot of the time, your ad will get lost with thousands of other ads on the internet. Creating educational and entertaining podcasts encourages people to stick around for longer. 

In addition, podcasts create the ability to multitask. The listener can listen while driving, cooking, and working out. Podcasts allow you to capture the attention of busy listeners, even during moments when they are not paying attention to other forms of media, such as billboards.

The combination of a trustworthy, personable host along with people who actually want to hear what you have to say can create a lifetime of customers.

5. Creating better calls-to-action

Calls-to-action are one of the most important factors of social media marketing. If your CTA isn’t effective, you will bring in little to no sales. 

That’s where podcasts come in.

76% of podcast listeners say they’ve taken action after hearing a podcast ad. Listeners that feel a one-on-one connection with the podcast host are more likely to take action on a sponsored podcast episode or branded podcast.

Traditional ways of advertising, such as television, do not have personal connections with the viewer. In addition, advertisements on social media or television are sometimes seen as unwarranted. 

A branded podcast is seen as more authentic, and the listener would have to go out of their way to listen. Your podcast isn’t forced on them or in their face. They have to be interested in your brand for them to listen to your podcast.

6. Creating better brand recognition

Podcasts raise brand awareness. If customers go out of their way to listen to your podcast, they will naturally remember your name.

If you direct listeners to follow you on other social media as well, you will not only create brand recognition but personal recognition. People will remember your brand, your name, and even your face.

Remembering the founder of a brand is one of the most important factors of brand recognition. People will always think of your brand when they see your face and hear your voice. It also adds to the idea of customers seeing you as a trustworthy friend rather than a random company that they know virtually nothing about. 

Podcasts are an underrated way of growing your business. If you haven’t started a branded podcast yet, you’re missing out.

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