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Marketing Superpowers Pro

Learn how to drive growth with our breakthrough 'influencer' playbook

Instructor: Jon Davids | Founder & CEO of Influicity

How are influencers launching these products and flip them into 8-figure brands? Seemingly overnight.

It’s nuts. But there’s a formula. And over a decade of working with influencers, we figured it out.

Through this comprehensive program, you’ll learn how to take your brand from obscurity to dominance with the secrets of top players.

"I just seriously levelled-up my marketing skills."
Marketing That Sells

Learn how to craft an irresistible marketing pitch

Instructor: Jon Davids | Founder & CEO of Influicity

Don’t punish your customers with boring marketing. They deserve better. And this workshop gives you the playbook.

Once you enroll, you’ll learn exactly how to:

– Induce desire
– Create curiosity
– Validate your authority
– Sell the dream outcome

$29.00 $397.00
"... Like a 2-year degree in under 2 hours"
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How to build a customer community

Transform your customer base into a loyal community

Instructor: Jon Davids | Founder & CEO of Influicity

Creators have figured out how to transform their communities into serious revenue. And the playbook is not a secret.

In fact, we’ve been doing exactly this on behalf of our clients for years.

It’s time to stop renting your influence and start owning it.

Free $49.00
"I never realized how powerful it could be."
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