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Since 2014, Influicity has been innovating in the world of social influencer marketing.

We pioneered the data-first approach to influencer selection. We followed that up with performance guarantees, ensuring content reaches audiences at scale every time. Clients trust Influicity to build turney solutions that solve real business needs.

Influencer media can take many forms and flavours, but it all begins with a data-first mindset and thoughtful, brand-ready content.

Reach Your Customers Today

Conception, development, distribution, and amplification across multiple social platforms. Paired with the right talent, brands can harness the power of influencer content to achieve break-through results.

Turnkey Influencer Packages

Influicity runs 100's of influencer campaigns each year. We've engineered the process from start to finish. Here is a small sampling of turnkey packages we offer, with full customization options.


Seamlessly incorporate product into influencer shopping content. Drive a direct consumer connection.

Consumer Products

Reveal your product through an influencer "unboxing", showcase core features and capture real-world sentiment.

Fashion & Apparel

Leverage creators to craft beautiful content with mega-reach.


Leverage influencers to surface your entertainment product for passionate fans.

Get ready with me

○ Integrate your product with the influencer's daily routine, for a seamless placement opportunity.

○ Ideal for CPG, beauty, apparel, home goods, and electronics.

Product Specs:
4-week lead time, 5-10 influencers.


Engage today's consumer with content across important life decisions.

Food & Grocery

Whip up delicious content with a flavourful integration.

Digital Lookbook

○ Artistically show off your product with image-based content.

○ Ideal for travel, food, CPG, apparel, and retail.

Product Specs:
3-week lead time, 4+ influencers.


○ Amplify your content across our portfolio of 40,000 partner sites, ranging from news, entertainment, travel, kids, lifestyle, and more.

○ Ideal for CPG, travel, food, retail, finance, government.

Product Specs:
2-week lead time

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