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We're helping brands to thrive through the new media revolution

we are an influencer-first media company

Influicity is a modern media company leveraging today's forces of influence. We work closely with marketers and advertising agencies to build and run cutting edge media programs, leveraging top talent, robust distribution, and leading edge analytics.

We are a team that thrives on discovering, inventing, and building new products & solutions, in the rapidly changing world of media. Founded in 2013, Influicity pioneered the concept of bringing true marketing tech, data analytics, and AI to the world of influencer media. As brands across the world began to invest billions in social media creators, we set out to transform "influencer marketing" into measurable media. And that was just the start.

Now we play in display advertising, programmatic media, original programming, and more.

our mission is To re-imagine and build the modern media company leveraging today’s forces of influence

past. present. future.

An early look at our views on influencer marketing, courtesy of Cheddar.com,
featuring Influicity CEO Jon Davids.

We Empower Brands With Results-Obsessed Media Solutions Powered By Influencers.

Our tech + services are core to the marketing programs of brands, ad agencies, and media buyers. As the influencer industry has blossomed over the last few years, hundreds of companies have emerged offering creative services, talent management, and data dashboards (often times powered by our data!)

Influicity is proud to offer a full suite of products, technology, and services to help companies thrive with influencers and beyond.
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