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For Agencies

How does Influicity Work With Agencies?

Influicity offers agencies a fully-managed suite of solutions across influencer marketing, podcasts, and paid media. Combined with agency-specific resources, Influicity is a trusted partner allowing you to super-serve your clients.

We invite you to explore our agency solutions or contact us directly to see what we can do together.

Turkey Campaigns

Our packages are engineered with inventory, placements, creative, and reporting. We do the heavy lifting.

Guaranteed Results

Impressions, engagements, or actions. Whatever the objective, Influicity's performance is guaranteed.

Tech & Data

Get the insights and analytics to back up your decisions. We use proprietary, deep learning tools to measure everything.


Contracts, approvals, compliance and more. Our systems are built for the modern agency.

Turn your influencer business from a cost center into a profit engine.

Best in Class

Influicity’s top-rated products and solutions deliver deep influencer access, and media results.

Nimble & Robust

Run a single influencer campaign or a large, integrated program. Our solutions are customizable to your on-going work.

Scale with Ease

Influicity provides access to 100% of the influencer inventory across the social web - from mommy bloggers to movie stars.

Tech & Service

Influicity is trusted not only for scalable influencer executions, but also for our thought leadership and best practices.

Performance Assured

Don't leave performance to chance. Influicity backs up our estimates with performance guarantees.

Fully Managed

You focus on strategy and approvals, we'll take care of all the heavy lifting.

Our Advantages

From the start, Influicity does things differently.


Whether it's an influencer campaign, podcast, or emerging media platform, we don't put all the risk on our client. We set guarantees and stand behind them.


Audience insights, geography, demographics, behavior, purchase habits, re-targeting, and more. Influicity makes decisions based on the data and executes with precision.


We got our start as an influencer marketing/tech pioneer, working with blue-chip brands. We know this world well because we've been in it a long time.


Talent representation and brand sales should not be done by the same company. That's why Influicity does not represent talent.

Partner to World-Class Brands

CPG, Entertainement, Automotive, Finance, and So Much More
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