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Since 2014, Influicity has been innovating in the world of social influencer marketing.

Here’s the unfortunate truth.

90% of influencer campaigns are a complete waste of budget.

And that’s no one’s fault. Just blurry systems, buggy process, and foggy tracking.

We’ve seen it all.

Influicity has been doing influencer marketing since before anyone knew what that was.

And we’ve made it a lot better for our clients along the way.

Here’s how:

  • First, we don’t represent any influencers. We only represent you, the brand client. We believe that when one company represents influencers, they can’t also represent the best interests of their client.

  • We’ve developed a hybrid data and depth approach to influencer selection. We have worked with over 20,000 creators. And we’re still finding fresh names every single day.

  • We added performance guarantees to all our influencer marketing programs. We put real numbers behind our plans and we stand by them.

  • We’ve brought fresh creative executions to our clients through unique formats, volume scale, iterative process, and more.

There’s a reason top-tier brands choose to run their influencer programs with Influicity.

Some of our Work

A decade of influencer marketing


Spotlight your product within shopping content and drive a direct consumer connection.

Consumer Products

Reveal your product through an influencer "unboxing", highlighting core features and benefits.

Apparel & Soft Goods

Leverage influencers to craft beautiful content with mega-reach.


Build a groundswell around music, movies, and more, to ignite the fan's passion.

Finance & Business

Generate real engagement among customers in areas like finance, business, and professional growth.

Food & Cooking

Demonstrate your product with a flavourful integration.

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