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Influicity Is The Top Influencer Marketing Agency In Miami

In the vibrant city of Miami, Influicity has emerged as a leading player on the marketing scene. We kickstarted our journey by partnering with some of Miami’s biggest companies, spanning healthcare, aerospace, tourism, IT, finance and real estate brands.

We got our start as a software company providing valuable influencer insights to brands all over the country. We evolved into a full-service marketing agency with a strong focus on helping brands build communities that drive revenue. This includes influencers, podcasts, social media growth, and more.

Our reach extends across Miami’s diverse neighbourhoods, from the lively streets of South Beach to the artsy vibe of Wynwood, and the upscale districts of Brickell and Coconut Grove.

We have experience collaborating with major Miami brands and advertising agencies, earning our stripes in this dynamic marketing landscape. We provide end-to-end service as an agency, ensuring comprehensive media results from start to finish.

We’re excited to continue serving the exceptional advertisers, brands, marketers, media buyers, and advertising agencies that call Miami home.

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Success Stories

Explore how we're driving results for some amazing clients.

Driving Business Results for Top Fintech Software B2B Automotive Apparel Brands

We build your brand community through TikTok podcast influencers YouTube Instagram email

Work with the influencer marketing agency trusted by top brands

Influicity works with brands and media agencies across many categories, including travel, entertainment, consumer goods (CPG), electronics, retail, tech, eCommerce, beauty and more.

Our advertising partners value the time and attention to detail they get when working with us.

We offer a white glove service across influencer marketing, brand podcasts, social media growth, paid media, content marketing and more. Influencers are selected using a curated process, measuring against 24 data-points to ensure measurable outcomes across our marketing programs.

Content creators trust Influicity and our talented team of digital media professionals strive every day to serve Miami’s marketing community.

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