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In a rapidly changing media environment, brands can be late or absent on a platform where consumers are spending significant chunks of time. The Emerging Platforms practice at Influicity offers fresh placements for innovative brands. This is a constantly evolving portfolio offering first-to-market opportunities for our brand partners.

Emerging Platforms

Arrive where your customers are long before your Competitors

Platforms on the



Loaded of attention is living on TikTok. Tell your story in a matter of seconds and create viral sensations to connect with a whole new audience.


Engage audiences through immersive conversations on this fast-growing platform. Reach a well-connected and tech-forward demographic.


The preeminent inspiration engine is ripe with video opportunity across verticals and categories.


The gaming hub attracts huge consumer attention, primarily young men, and creates content-rich moments.


Incredibly popular among teenagers and young adults, Snapchat offers a variety of integration opportunities.


Over 1 billion users, primarily in China, trust WeChat. A powerful platform for reaching the Chinese community globally.
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