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Influicity Core

Designed for the "always-on" influencer strategy

Cut to the Core

Core is a vertically-focused group of influencers who are curated and refreshed constantly, through deep learning and AI-driven insights. You can deploy your Core in many ways, through an always-on influencer strategy.


Groups of influencers who are inserting your brand into social content regularly.


Content creators who are first-to-know and first-to-tell about everything you're up to.


Teams of influencers who are there for product feedback, early access, and market pulsing.

Social Chatter

Notable voices who are creating social dialogue around your brand and product.

Explore Core

Influicity Core gives you ready-made groups of influencers, ranging from a few dozen to hundreds, that work with your brand regularly. Once developed, Core can be deployed and activated for your marketing activities rapidly. Think of it like a custom-built influencer network, just for your brand.

Travel Core

○ Leverage a crew of travel enthusiasts with customizable segments like age, location, and destination preferences.

○ Ideal for hotels, airlines, cruise lines, tour companies, and tourism boards.

○ Deploy with custom videos, blogs, travel journals, and destination look books.

Automotive Core

○ Tap into car lovers, road trip junkies, automotive bloggers, gear heads and everything in between.

○ Ideal for manufacturers and dealerships, on the local and national level.

○ Focus on mainstream, lux, family, and trucks

Beauty Core

○ Choose from hair, makeup, skincare, and beauty routines. Micro, macro, and celebrity influencers.

○ Ideal for brands, licensees, and retailers across the beauty category.

○ Activate with tutorials, product demos, makeovers, and unboxings.

Food + Cooking Core

○ Partner with everyday chefs, culinary experts, bakers, foodies, and lovers of exotic cuisine.

○ Influential across grocery, restaurant, and meal prep.

○ Spin up recipe guides, meal prep videos, dinner ideas, kitchen gadget tips, and nutritional videos.

Finance + Money Core

○ Build a group of knowledgeable, relatable influencers who can speak in a straightforward voice on money matters.

○ Ideal for banks, credit card brands, and insurance companies.

○ Deploy with finance blogs, shopping diaries, budgeting advice videos, and savings tips.

Health + Wellness Core

○ Leverage a group of heath and wellness creators across social and blog channels.

○ High demand among clean food brands, fitness marketers, and more.

○ Create high volume content on social, video, blog and live events.

Gaming Core

○ Tap into a deep collection of avid gamers, casual gamers, and e-sports players.

○ Designed for video game manufacturers, electronics, and accessory brands.

○ Run game demo's, live gameplay, new releases, drive to download, and in-game purchases.

Fashion + Retail Core

○ Build a crew of shopaholics, fashion-forward consumers, thrifty shoppers, mommy bloggers, and many more.

○ Engineered for national retailers, local retail locations, and apparel brands.

○ Release photo shoots, product reviews, new line announcements, store opening videos, and more.

Seasonal Core

○ Choose from dozens of seasonally developed group, including Xmas, Mothers Day, and Back to School.

○ Ideal for consumer brands, specialty products, and national retailers.

○ Product reviews, family-oriented videos, unboxings, and live events

Our Advantages

From the start, Influicity does things differently.


Whether it's an influencer campaign, podcast, or emerging media platform, we don't put all the risk on our client. We set guarantees and stand behind them.


Audience insights, geography, demographics, behavior, purchase habits, re-targeting, and more. Influicity makes decisions based on the data and executes with precision.


We got our start as an influencer marketing/tech pioneer, working with blue-chip brands. We know this world well because we've been in it a long time.


Talent representation and brand sales should not be done by the same company. That's why Influicity does not represent talent.

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