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Instagram vs. TikTok: What You Need To Know

Webinar: Instagram vs. TikTok It's a question every marketer is asking... As two of the most widely-used social platforms, marketers are constantly deciding where to allocate resources: Instagram or TikTok? While TikTok is new and exciting, Instagram is established with deep user loyalty. In this webinar, Influicity founder Jon Davids will discuss: …

5 TikTok Campaigns We Can All Learn From

5 TikTok Campaigns We Can All Learn From How have the most successful TikTok marketers used the platform to create viral sensations? Dive into this webinar to explore: How a cosmetic brand generated 5M responses for just $250 How a restaurant garnered 200M+ views celebrating food delivery How a nostalgic name is connecting with…

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From the start, Influicity does things differently.


Whether it's an influencer campaign, new podcast, or emerging media platform, we don't put all the risk on our client. We set guarantees and stand behind them.


Audience insights, geography, demographics, behavior, purchase habits, re-targeting, and more. Influicity makes decisions based on the data and executes with precision.


We got our start as an influencer marketing/tech pioneer, working with blue-chip brands. We are constantly innovating and pushing the limits for our partners.


Talent representation and brand sales should not be done by the same company. That's why Influicity does not represent talent.

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