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Why Every Marketing Plan Needs Content

Why Every Marketing Plan Needs Content Content and commerce have become central to marketing plans globally, and there's one person who has been a driving force in so much of it. Valeria Mares is the Head of Content for Wavemaker, one of the world's biggest marketing agencies. In this wide-ranging interview, Influicity CEO Jon Davids chats…

Pushing The Boundaries on Influencer Executions

Pushing The Boundaries on Influencer Executions Instagram photos and YouTube videos have been the staples of influencer activations for years, and for good reason. But what are marketers missing as they spend more than $5B/year on influencer marketing? In this webinar, Influicity CEO Jon Davids explores: The fastest growing mass channel for influencers, outside the…

How To Measure Influencer ROI

How To Measure Influencer ROI Marketers are spending $4.5B+ on influencers this year -- and that's a pretty low estimate. With the industry only continuing to grow, marketers need to focus more than ever on ROIS: Return on Influencer Spend. How you quantify it, measure it, and improve it are critical steps in upping your…

How To Create An Influencer Brief

How To Create An Influencer Brief The influencer brief is a vital document that tells creators exactly what you expect from your influencer marketing campaign. Some creators will read it word-for-word and some may glance at it for 10 seconds. How do you make it informative and interesting, without drowning them in details? Let's face…

Understanding the Media Business Today

How do we fix the creator economy, why do big media companies still exist, and 9 other things you want to know about the media business today With nearly 30 years in the media industry, Kirstine Stewart has seen evolution over and over again. In her latest role as Head of Future of Media at…

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From the start, Influicity does things differently.


Whether it's an influencer campaign, podcast, or emerging media platform, we don't put all the risk on our client. We set guarantees and stand behind them.


Audience insights, geography, demographics, behavior, purchase habits, re-targeting, and more. Influicity makes decisions based on the data and executes with precision.


We got our start as an influencer marketing/tech pioneer, working with blue-chip brands. We know this world well because we've been in it a long time.


Talent representation and brand sales should not be done by the same company. That's why Influicity does not represent talent.

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