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Welcome to the Modern Marketing Blog, where we explore the newest trends and strategies that are shaping the world of marketing.

In this edition, We had the privilege of sitting down with Dawn Crew, Chief Marketing Officer at Trulioo. Through this exclusive interview, Dawn discussed the importance of integrating traditional and digital marketing strategies through measurement to understand their effectiveness and adapt accordingly. She also highlighted the evolution of the buyer’s journey to a non-linear path, the shift towards ungated content to provide value first, and the necessity of storytelling with specificity to resonate with customers.

The following blog post is a summary of Dawn’s perspectives and expertise.

The Measurement Mandate in Marketing

Dawn points out that the secret sauce to balancing traditional and digital marketing lies in meticulous planning, organization, and most importantly, measurement. Today’s marketers must be agile, ready to pivot or accelerate based on the performance metrics of their campaigns. By measuring early and often, companies can ensure their strategies resonate with their target audiences, making real-time adjustments to optimize their marketing mix.

The Evolution of the Buyer’s Journey

The buyer’s journey, once a straightforward path, has morphed into a more complex, circular journey. Crew notes that the previous direct line from brand to website is now a web of touchpoints across various channels. This paradigm shift means that marketers need to invest in both brand and demand, meeting the customers in their moment of need and across their preferred platforms.

The Shift to Ungated Content

In an era where the customer’s patience for interruptions is thinning, ungated content is becoming the norm. This strategy echoes the wisdom of Dawn’s great-grandmother, who believed that sharing her prized donut recipe would only enhance her reputation and bring customers back for her unique offering. Similarly, marketers are now focusing on building trust and demonstrating value first, confident that their quality services will lead to customer loyalty.

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Storytelling with Specificity in Modern Marketing

Storytelling in marketing has taken a turn towards depth and detail. Dawn believes that every organization has stories to tell—stories that require marketers to dive deep into customer experiences, understand challenges, and celebrate the solutions’ successes. It’s not about being the only storyteller but rather about amplifying the collective narratives that showcase the brand’s impact on real-world problems.

Choosing the Right Channels for Target Audience Engagement

With the rush to be present on all social media platforms, Crew advises a more strategic approach. It’s about quality, not quantity, and ensuring that every touchpoint aligns with the brand’s voice and customer expectations.

Adding Value: The Core of B2B Marketing

The ultimate goal, as Dawn concludes, is to add value. Whether through webinars, white papers, blogs, or podcasts, the aim is to educate and empower customers. By focusing on problem-solving and providing helpful resources, brands can establish themselves as thought leaders and trusted advisors in their industry.

By focusing on measurement, embracing the evolved buyer’s journey, offering ungated content, telling detailed stories, selecting the right channels, and adding value, brands can build a marketing strategy that’s not only effective but also respectful and engaging to the modern customer.

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