Agents Must Adapt to the New Talent Landscape
Models, musicians, actors, athletes… discover how a new generation of talent agents are redefining their business models.

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Social media has unlocked an entirely new venue for brand endorsement dollars. Agents need to get in front of the right brands with the right data to close more deals.

Win Brand Dollars
With billions of brand dollars moving into social influencer content, the smart agents are positioning their firms to capitalize on the influx of revenues.

Build Audience
Give talent the ability to monitor audience, track growth, and uncover top performing content. Influicity is a vital tool across endorsement deals, audience development, and new business opps.

Insights & Analytics
Dive deep into the numbers behind each your talent and their social channels. Fair market pricing, demographics, subscribers, viewership, growth, and other rich insights.

Empower Your Team
Build and run campaigns easily via the platform. Briefs, offers, approvals, and reports. The workflow tools make it so easy to run scalable campaigns.

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