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Get More Customers
Influencer relations, paid campaigns, affiliate programs… growing companies are using Influicity for all sorts of influencer activations. Bottom line is they are winning more customers.

Focus on Growth
Stop wasting time with spreadsheets, texting, emails, and constant back-and-forth. Take the worry out of influencer marketing, so you can focus on growth.

Millions of Influencers
Search through the options and drill down by topic, subject-matter, demographics, geographics, and more. You can even see who’s trending right now.

Insights & Analytics
Dive deep into the numbers behind each influencer and their social channels. Pricing, demographics, subscribers, viewership, and other rich insights.

Campaign Management Tools
Build and run campaigns easily via the platform. Briefs, offers, approvals, and reports The workflow tools make it so easy to run scalable campaigns.

Easy Communication
Manage relationships with influencers using seamless messaging tools. Invite them to your Hub, share product information, and engage them with your brand.

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