Hello, we’re Influicity.
Four years ago we launched Influicity to help companies thrive during the influencer revolution.


Founded in 2012 by Jonathan Davids (left), Influicity began as a brokering firm, connecting social media influencers with fortune 500 advertisers, to create branded content.

A few months into operations, Jon quickly saw a much larger vision for an industry that would accelerate quickly in the next decade. Partnering with Paul Lefebvre as the Company’s VP of Engineering, they built out the platform that would eventually become Influicity.

Today, we work with companies large and small, empowering them to thrive with influencers.

Our technology runs the influencer operations of brands, ad agencies, PR firms, media buyers, publishers, talent agencies, and others. Backed by a group of notable, well connected investors, Influicity is a high growth organization, with a fierce dedication to client success.

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