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How Does Influicity Work With Influencers?

Influicity is a platform used by brands, ad agencies, publishers, and talent reps to operate in the world of influencers.

For the content creators, Influicity provides a seamless console where you can view advertiser offers, collaborate on campaigns, and submit content for review/approval. You can also manage payment information and more, to ensure all advertisers have up-to-date information, in one spot.

Why Join Influicity?

We already collect data on 3 million+ influencers. But you must join Influicity for the following benefits.

Work with brands
Once you receive an offer from an advertiser via Influicity, you must sign up and authenticate yourself, in order to accept the offer and participate in the project.

Ensure accurate data
We collect deep data on millions of influencers across the social web. Once you sign up and authenticate yourself, our data tools can cross reference to make sure we are on target and up-to-date.

Appear higher in results
When an advertiser browses Influicity looking for creators to work with, authorized profiles may surface higher in results. This is not because of preferential treatment – our system simply loads familiar profiles faster.

Analytics (coming soon)
Track your performance on YouTube and Instagram over time, with our powerful analytics tools. It’s all in your account when you register on Influicity.

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