How Donald Trump Has Become the First Influencer President

Written by: Daniel Elmaleh

Donald John Trump. Love him or hate him, the man is the president-elect and will be inaugurated on January 20, 2017.



Whether you think he’s a narcissist, racist, sexist, or just outright idiotic, you can’t deny the success of his campaign that was filled with outlandish promises, blatant criticism of his competitors, and the numerous tweets similar to watching a train wreck happen right before your eyes: it’s looks horrible, but you want to watch it until the end.

The shocking election results left people wondering how the American people could let this happen to their country. It was a sure thing, with the polls predicting Hillary the victor by having 3.2% more of the votes than Trump.

No matter how you describe it, some serious backlash resonated with Hillary supporters. I have never seen such a more controversial election, and being a 20-something millennial I’ve seen it all! In all seriousness, a cohort effect has been developed that can only be described for the U.S. as an eye-opener - Donald Trump is your president, and is going to be for 4 years.

When it comes to online reactions, the opinions you’ll see the most are those who have massive followings - influencers. They are no strangers when it comes to politics, with the majority I’ve seen supporting the democrats. Remember, these people have thousands of followers and have a direct interaction with their fans through their social channels.



A surprise to me was when one influencer I chatted with gave her opinion on the election with my table at an Indian restaurant - because that’s where I like to discuss politics. Her enthusiasm for Trump had thrown me for a loop because millennials were all over Hillary and her ‘dabs’ - Google it. Personally, I’m still waiting for the day Kanye West runs for office. #Kanye2020

On the topic of influencers, what if I told you that Trump is the first influencer president of the United States. Crazy, I know, but let me try and break this down.


Earned media

Here’s where Trump really shined for the majority of his campaign. Before politics, Trump had established himself as a celebrity mogul, billionaire playboy, and was known from the catchphrase ‘You’re fired!’

Trump was a dominant contender in the election from the start. Looking at a 12-month trailing period, Trump posted a $4.96 billion in earned media --- By comparison, Clinton was at $3.24 billion.

Securing this social space through digital media, you couldn’t surf the internet without seeing a headline about Trump, amassing $295.7 million in online media news in the month of October alone. The point being, Trump’s campaign team did a phenomenal job on generating buzz without spending a dime.


Social Media

I think I am in love with Donald Trump’s twitter page. Who else wouldn’t sit and wait for his next tweet about building a wall on the Mexican border? Or reading about ‘crooked Hillary’? The most recent of these was the claim that the cast of Hamilton was ‘harassing’ the VP-elect, Mike Pence.


Now suspend your judgement a little bit here. There’s a level of authenticity that emanates from these outlandish comments. Here is a man who is soon going to be the president of the United States, but he acts like a human being. Something you can’t argue is that no other candidate made the same connection with the community on social media like Donald Trump did - even if it was for attention.

A YouTube channel has now been created to address the transition and plans for 2017. Donald Trump has personally spoken out his plans to change policies to make America great again, right to the millions of people on YouTube.

It's crazy to think about the president - the honor granted to the person voted in by the majority of the American population - is on his phone at 2 in the morning having a twitter war with Jon Stewart, Alec Baldwin, George Bush, or even a writer from Modern Family. People started following him because they either agreed with what he said, or they wanted to laugh at the next allegation. In the end, he picked up a huge following (or as Trump would say, 'Yuge'), and I genuinely believe this is one of the major reasons Trump picked up the victory.


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