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How Donald Trump Has Become the First Influencer President

How Donald Trump Has Become the First Influencer President

Written by: Daniel Elmaleh Donald John Trump. Love him or hate him, the man is the president-elect and will be inaugurated on January 20, 2017.     Whether you think he’s a narcissist, racist, sexist, or just outright idiotic, you can’t deny the success of his campaign that was filled with outlandish promises, blatant criticism […]

Daniel Elmleh - November 25, 2016


Snapchat is Changing the Media Landscape

This article was originally posted on Media In Canada on November 10th 2016. Authored by Jonathan Davids     Snapchat will likely IPO in the next few months and it’s been pitching ad agencies heavily with new ad products at hefty price tags. With over 100 million daily users and 41% of all U.S. teens […]

Daniel Elmleh - November 16, 2016


What is the Value of a Follower?

This column was originally published on, October 2016.     Amid the noise surrounding the US presidential campaign, Adweek recently published a story that should catch any marketers’ attention. More than a third of Trump’s and Clinton’s Twitter followers are reportedly fake, according to a study released by ad-fraud detection company eZanga . The […]

Daniel Elmleh - October 19, 2016

Outdoor portrait of modern young man with mobile phone in the street.

Making Sense of Influencer Pricing

  Influencer marketing is one of those buzzwords that has picked up a lot of steam over the last couple years. As with any new ad vehicle, there is a good deal of mystery around metrics, benchmarks and inventory selection. Advertising Standards Canada even announced recently that it would be cracking down on brands that […]

Daniel Elmleh - September 14, 2016


Scott Lipps Discusses the Importance of Influencers and How they are Shifting the Modelling Industry

Influicity caught up with Scott Lipps, the founder and CEO of One Management. The NYC-based modelling agency works with stars such as Nicky Minaj, A$AP Rocky, and Steve Aoki. In 2014, One Management launched its One.1K division, linking talented individuals to brands via social media. Today, they continue to assert themselves as an industry leader […]

Daniel Elmleh - August 26, 2016


3 Impressive Facts You Should Know About Influencer Marketing

  I was recently talking to a colleague about clients she’s worked with. She told me she spoke with an agency that was resistant to the idea of collaborating with influencers. They would say things like ‘Why do I need to pay this person? They aren’t a famous star so why should I waste money […]

Daniel Elmleh - August 8, 2016

There are many articles on the internet that deal with influencer marketing. Whether they are discussing current trends of the industry, or contain useful information on the topic, the internet is filled with various pieces of data that can aid you in developing a strategy for this relatively new medium. Here is a list of 4 headlines everyone should glance at.

4 Headlines Every Marketer Should Read

Did this headline catch your eye?   There’s a reason why you’re here. Maybe to read some articles you missed. Maybe you are a start-up and want to know crucial information about influencer marketing. Maybe you’re not even reading this and checking the headlines below. Whatever the case, you’re striving for knowledge about the industry […]

Daniel Elmleh - July 27, 2016

See how Simons spread the word of their new store through influencers!

We just worked with Simons to spread the word on their new store opening in Gatineau! They invited two French-Canadian influencers into their new store for a shopping spree and challenged them to style and showcase their favourite fall outfits. Check out the video to find out how well the campaign went!

Carmen Liu - November 9, 2015

Come visit us during Shopify’s Startup Open House this Thursday from 4-7pm!

Swing by our office at 119 Spadina, Suite 605 during Shopify’s Startup Open House on Thursday from 4-7pm. We’d love to meet and chat with you! Click here for more info!

Carmen Liu - October 26, 2015


Influicity on Adnews: TFO has partnered with Influicity to launch its first influencer campaign!

Groupe Média TFO has retained Influicity of Toronto to promote the new season of its music show BRBR Le Conquérant, which will begin in January. Read the full story here on Adnews.

Carmen Liu - October 7, 2015